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Ever been to Baja?

there's a plan to make all of this right

there's a plan to make all of this right
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a non-epilogue-compliant prison break alternate universe

This community is for anyone who would like to ignore the 'four years later' epilogue of "Killing Your Number", the series finale of Prison Break. In other words, if you would prefer a universe in which Michael Scofield (senior as well as junior) is still alive, this is a place for you to post your fic, your icons, your manips and anything else you would like to share. It's not meant as a replacement for any other community but a place for anyone looking for some sancturary from a certain piece of canon.

michael sara wedding gif

The Rules

* Michael Scofield is alive and well in this community. Please don't post or link to anything (fics/icons etc) that suggests otherwise. Denial is the order of the day here, so please respect it.
* Membership is open to everyone.
* Trolling and flaming are not allowed, by Order of the Management.
* Bashing of anyone lucky enough to have enjoyed the final scene is NOT ALLOWED.
* You are more than welcome to post links to your own journals, or simply post your fic/icons etc here.
* All fic must be posted with the usual header and lj-cuts. If you need any help at all, just PM your friendly Mods. *g*
* Please be careful to warn for spoilers for "The Final Break", as many members haven't seen it as yet.
* Stories using canon from "The Final Break" are more than welcome, but the Number One Rule, aka Michael Scofield is alive, still stands.

Gifs thanks to gennagurl. Community banner made by eveningflares. Thanks ladies!